major-Credit-Card-LogosWe accept VISA, MasterCard, Amex and Discover for both Credit and Debit Cards.

1) Select which product you’d like to buy. You may do use our Search Bar to search the product you want to buy or just browse through our Shop for window shopping. =)



2) In your Product page, choose the Colour and Model you’d like to buy.



3) After selecting your Model and Colour, choose the quantity you wish to purchase and then click BUY NOW button.



4) You will be brought to your Cart page. You may Continue Shopping, or scroll down to the bottom and click Proceed To Checkout.


5) On the next screen, fill in your address and other details. Scroll to the bottom then select Credit Card and click Proceed To PayPal.



6) In the PayPal screen, you may choose to login and pay with your PayPal account (if you have one) or you may click on the Pay with my credit or debit card option.

step6aIf you already have PayPal account.

step6bFor non PayPal member. Pay with credit / debit card.

7) For PayPal member, click Confirm Payment / Pay. As for non PayPal member, you can still pay with your debit or credit card by filling in your card details and click Pay.


8) DONE! We will receive your order and process it from here onwards! =D


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