A Swift Glimpse into
Pos Malaysia

Pos Malaysia, with a history of over 200 years has the most extensive last-mile reach, delivering to more than 11 million addresses nationwide. To date, it has the widest network of more than 3,800 touchpoints with presence across the country providing Malaysians the most comprehensive retail network.

Pos Malaysia x GALADO

Step into the heart-warming story two local brands who chose to ‘sapot lokal‘; Pos Malaysia supporting GALADO with its last-mile delivery and GALADO leveraging on local resources and artists to customise the phone cases. Hence #LokalSapotLokal.

With each Pos Malaysia x GALADO case you choose, you become a part of our story—a story that celebrates local craftsmanship, unity, and the enduring spirit of our shared community. Local craftsmanship that are equitably premium-quality.

So, as you shop for our exclusive collection, you’re not only getting premium-quality, tough, and protective cases; you’re becoming a part of #LokalSapotLokal narrative that binds us all together. Thank you for being a part of our journey. 🇲🇾💖

Make It Yours
Custom Cases

Honor Our Heroes Through Art

Experience the Art of Personalization with Your Unique Masterpiece! Imagine a case that reflects your individuality, featuring artwork created by our skilled artists from your own photos. You become part of a noble cause as well. Your custom case is a tribute to the diligent postal workers, the unsung heroes who ensure the safe and swift delivery of your parcels.

It’s not just a case; it’s an expression of gratitude, and a symbol of support for our tireless postmen and riders. Own a case that’s not only a work of art but also a badge of appreciation for those who go the extra mile. Join us in celebrating the hardworking individuals who bring joy to your doorstep. Unleash your creativity and make a difference with GALADO x Pos Malaysia!

See Our Cases in Action: Pos x GALADO Collection

See Our Cases in Action
Pos x GALADO Collection