Flex your NFTs on your iPhone Cases

World’s first Phygital Case with QR & NFC ownership verifications!

GALADO now accepts Crypto Payments

GALADO Accepts Crypto Payments

World's First Phygital NFT Case with QR And OneTap Technology Verifications!

Here’s how the digital asset’s verifications works:

QR Scan

Scan the printed QR to verify the true ownership and transaction details of the particular NFT token.

OneTap Technology

First in the world, tap on the NFT artwork with any nfc enabled devices to verify the true ownership and transction details of the NFT.

Customise Your Own NFT Case

GALADO’s NFT Case is the world’s first phone case that allows you to customize & print your beloved NFT artwork and verify the ownership through QR & OneTap technologies.

The phone case is exclusively built with shock absorption and tough protection against drops.


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