Welcome to GALADO!




ALADO is founded in early 2015 with an intention of growing and improving Malaysia’s eCommerce ecosystem. To us here in GALADO, we think that shopping online should be easy. Why do people have to stuck in the jams, pay tolls and parking fee just to buy something? We are not in 1980s, and shopping should be made easy and accessible anytime in current era of internet. So, we’ve decided to come ONLINE.


Why do we choose to sell phone cases out of so many tangible products out there? Particularly iPhone cases? It was because we are an Apple fan boys and girls. In fact, our owner runs iPhone Malaysia community and news portal. We love all those amazing inventions that brings beauty and protection to your beloved smart devices. That’s why GALADO is formed and to sell wonderful yet amazing cases for your devices. So instead of wasting your time in traffic jams, shop with us and we make sure your cases delivered right to your doorstep.

Our Vision

To provide the best online shopping experience one could find in the web and when they think of purchasing phone cases, they think of GALADO. Just like how you recalled Panadol when you are sick. =)

Our Priority

Happy customers and once again, giving them the best online shopping experience they could ever encounter.

GALADO.COM.MY – Shopping without hassle