Claim Your 11Street Discounts!

201504281156283241_7117413_1It’s our first week with 11Street and our products are listed in their shocking deals!

What is shocking deals?
11Street’s Shocking Deals are items listed in their marketplace with a guaranteed lower price compared to normal. It was because the additional discount was absorb by seller or 11Street themselves as another way to promote their marketplace, a soon-to-be largest marketplace in Malaysia.

How do I get the discounts?
On our Week 1 of August with 11Street, we have 4 product featured and listed with additional discount from the normal selling price in our website. On top of that, 11Street are giving away limited numbers of discount coupons everyday sharp at 11AM – Each coupons may offer up to 30% discount and on top of that, for new signed up members you are able to claim your cash vouchers with them as well!

Not to worry, we will guide you on how to grab those coupons everyday!

Where do I claim the coupons / cash vouchers?
This month, they are doing 3 different discounts such as (Basket Discount, Cash Rebate and Free Shipping). What you need to do basically will be:

Step 1 : Sign up and verify your account with 11Street (if you haven’t)

Step 2 : Log in to your account.

Step 3 : Click on ALL of below banners to claim your vouchers.




Remember to claim the limited FunFest vouchers sharp at 11am every day! Once you’ve claimed your voucher, all you need to do is just to apply it upon your purchase in your cart checkout page. You will see an option to “Apply Coupons”.

Imagine the amount of savings you will get if you were to purchase a product that is listed in Shocking Deal and use a coupon or vouchers on top of it?

Which GALADO product are listed in 11Street?
Here’s the four GALADO product that is listed in Shocking Deal – Week 1 August.

11st-drv 11st-soulera 11st-Batmobile 11st-speck


Apart from these 4, you may utilise the discount voucher with any of the products sold in our GALADO 11Street Store.

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